Eggs: More Beneficial Nutrients than Cholesterol Fears

Eggs were once discouraged by American Heart Association (AHA) because of their cholesterol-rich yolk since 1970s. Since then, egg, the popular nutritional food in Chinese diet, was considered off the limits by many people, and on the black-list of healthy food.  Fortunately, clinical studies do not support this claim. In contrast, research results show that dietary cholesterol from eggs, shrimp and other animal foods only modestly affects blood cholesterol. A recent study even found that consuming an egg a day is not bad for heart for most people. Now eggs have off the condemning-list of the AHA. The beneficial nutrients in egg yolks such as protein, riboflavin, folate, vitamin D and B12 may counter the effects of cholesterol.

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Seaweed, Sea Vegetable 海带,海里生长的蔬菜

Seaweed, or sea vegetable has been always part of traditional Chinese diet, and other Asian diets. It is often overlooked in western diet, but has gained more and more reputation recent years because of its nutritional benefits. Seaweed is a good source of daily iodine need of our body, which is hard to come by in other foods. Seaweed is also high in calcium and protein. In my opinion, it’s a good alternative of milk, and natural way to intake calcium than a calcium pill. Sea vegetable also contains a good amount of vitamins B12 and A. It is also a great source of fiber, mostly soluble fiber, which will turn into a gel, and slow down the digestive process, thus inhibit the absorption of sugars and cholesterol. Seaweed is really a hidden treasure in vegetables.

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