Most posts in the category of study notes are summary from my TCM class taught by Dr. Gong in my son’s Chinese school. To respect and acknowledge his efforts to provide us the opportunity to learn TCM, I list his contact information below. Feel free to seek his help if you have any concern or need of TCM therapy on you. Thank you!

Dr. Ben Gong, Acupuncturist

4921 N. Kimball Ave.

Chicago, IL 60625

Tel: 773-583-2142

About the site

This site is mainly used to share my learning notes of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as  healthy daily life tips. I believe that there is an alternative way to help our body overcome diseases in most cases, especially chronic diseases, other than taking western medicines, which often have bad side-effects on our body. Healthy life habit will help us reduce our risk to get sick.

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