Our body is the single most important wealth everyone owns. Treat it nicely and responsibly. Every single part of our part is there for some reason and benefits ourselves in one way or another. Think twice before removing it by surgery. The most common examples are tonsil and gallbladder, which more and more studies realize their function and contributions to keep a healthy body. Tonsil is the first protection in fighting cold or some respiratory diseases. Without it, the bacteria/viruses/xie qi will go directly to respiratory organs, and often cause more severe symptoms. The gallbladder is even more important to our body. It stores and excretes bile, which helps our body to break down the fat in the food. In acupuncture, gallbladder channel is one of the major 12 channels in our body. Without it, the negative effects are apparent. For example, people who removed it will never be able to enjoy bacon.

Another example is replacement of certain part of our body with metal and/or plastic counterpart, e.g. knee-replacement, hip-replacement. This kind of operation certainly benefits people really need it. However growing percentage of such surgeries seems to be too seductive, especially among younger patients (< 65-year-old). People are often attracted by the so-claimed easy and promising procedures without first looking for other alternatives. Thus the benefits out of such procedures are far less significant in these patients than in those who really need such surgeries. Please remember such operations are not reversible, and think twice before making the decision. In TCM, there are various ways treating the conditions (e.g. arthritis) that may require knee- or hip-replacement, including herbs, acupuncture, Tuina and massage. Please consider such alternative ways before the irreversible surgery.

Useful links:

New York Times article about knee-replacement


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