I still remember the fuzz caused by BPA (bisphenol A) a few year ago, when we rushed to change our baby plastic bottles to glass ones. We also keep shopping BPA-free product since then. BPA has been used widely in plastic bottles, the linings of food and beverage cans. Now new study continues to show that BPA can cause heart disease, and even raise blood pressure just within a few hours. And another question is whether BPA-free really means a more safer product. Alternatives for BPA are often chemically similar to BPA, e.g. bisphenol S. Thus similar effect on our body would be a good guess. Therefore, for the sake of our health, especially our kids, choose fresh foods, and glass bottles instead of cans, plastic ones as possible as we can.

2010 Canadian authority banned BPA from all children’s product

2012 FDA banned BPA usage in baby bottles and children’s drinking cups

New York Article about BPA

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