In the past week, all my kids got sick because of the flu that is floating around my eldest son’s school. All had fever, but different other symptoms. I gave plenty of fluid to them when they had fever including water, rice or millet conge. This is always a good practice.

My eldest son was the first one to catch the flu. He had a mild fever and abdominal pain, then the fever was gone. One week later the fever was back with 101.5F. He was tested flu positive, and had to stay out of the school for two days. For him, I tuina his back with my index and middle fingers with the spine in between from the neck all way to the butt. This is one direction massage from top to bottom along the Bladder Channels for 45 minutes to one hour. Then let him sleep. The fever went away.

My younger son did not want to lay flat on his back for me to tuina his back. Thus I have to choose another TCM way to fight the fever. I used a pen with a needle to get some blood out at DU14 (Dazhui). Then let him rest and sleep. The fever went away.


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