TAIJI MASTER PIN-YIN LI 杨式太极拳的第五代传人–李品银老師

Taiji Master Pin-yin Li lives in Fair Lawn, Bergen County, New Jersey. Members of Taiji Quan Research Association (TJQRA) have been learning Yang Style Taiji for years in New Jersey. AnBen Huang is one of Master Li’s students, probable the best one. Master Li is not only a Taiji Master but also a Tuina and Acupuncture Master. Because of his Taiji Gongfu, Master Li’s Tuina often has outstanding results on the patients. If you live in central Jersey area, you have owned a treasure  that others envy. That is the opportunity to learn Taiji from Master Li and TJQRA, and possess a skill for healthy and long life. For more details, please visit TJQRA website.

李品银老师现居住于新泽西洲博根郡(Bergen County)的费而良(Fair Lawn)市,师从濮冰如,是正宗杨式太极拳的第五代传人,李老师不仅练就一身太极功夫,内气内劲远超常人,而且还有一手神奇的针灸推拿功夫(师从王子平的高足吴诚德、庄元民医师),由于自身的太极功力,他的推拿常有不同寻常的疗效。李品银老师是藏龙卧虎的旅美华人之一。如果你有幸生活在新洲,你就拥有一份让人羡慕的学习正宗太极拳的机会,好好把握吧!详情请看太极拳研究协会的网址。


Recently I read an article in New York Times: the scientific 7-minute workout. It includes jumping jacks, wall sit, push-up, abdominal crunch, step-up onto chair, squat, triceps dip on chair, plank, high knees running in place, lunge, push-up and rotation, side plank. Do each for 30 seconds with 5 seconds in between. If you are using a smartphone, there is the scientific 7-minute workout app, which shows the exercise in order with time-counting for you. The order of the exercises is important. It seems simple enough but scientifically proved effectiveness. If you think it’s easy to do, try it and you will find out. The most important thing is the persistence to do the exercise every day to have a positive effect in your health.

In TCM practice, I can not emphasize more how important to do some kind of exercise every day. It is one of most important thing to keep your body young and reduce your chances to get sick. Now here it is the 7-minute workout. No more excuse of no time.

Although this 7-minute workout sounds short, its intensity is high, and it might be categorized as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which has been studied as a treatment for preventing or reversing the deficits associated with many chronic illnesses, and sometimes can be as effective as medication for many people with chronic health problems. So go for it!


New York Times article about 7-minute workout

A lunch hour walk










另外,最新研究表明,多多户外运动,有助于保护眼睛,预防近视。如果条件允许,研究结果建议每天至少3小时户外活动 (See Nature article on myopia). 任务艰巨啊!


A classmate from college shared his experience and thoughts on running in our classmates WeChat group. He started running as a way of exercise a few year ago, and has trained to be able to run marathon now. He told us that running changed his energy level and health level, and his life in so many positive ways. He is promoting running in our group now. Quite a few of my classmates are encouraged and motivated by him to start this simple yet effective way to exercise and stay healthy.

There are numerous sites and articles to promote running: why and how to run. Running is easy and simple to learn and start. Yet it is a sport using all parts of your body, which is what your body need. Every day 30 to 40 minutes running, even just slow and keep moving, is good for your bone, muscle strength, body flexibility, mitochondria increase, and improves the functions of your lung, heart, liver, kidney and other organs. It also can help us prevent and fight many chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high fat level in blood etc. Let’s start running today for the benefit of our health!

My classmate recommended the following books for those who are interested in starting running:

The complete guide to running by Earl Fee

Daniels’ Running Formula,3rd Edition by Jack Daniels

Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade  囚徒健身(保罗·威德)徒手健身的书籍


长跑基础训练与提高-磨房: 前人的总结,很好。



无痛一身轻++戴维斯身体放松与疼痛自疗法:   自我按摩放松和恢复的方法。

New York Times article:

Run to stay young

How exercise keeps us young