Now a days, talking pills seems a thing as natural as having meals for some people. Do they really need that? Probably not. It’s not a doubt that certain drugs save lives. However this is mostly the case for acute diseases, for many chronic ones prescribed medicine is far from curing the disease rather than controlling the reading of some medical indices with side effects of potential damage to one’s liver and kidney. The more effective and safe way might be as simple as eating more vegetables. Well, it is actually not as simple as it sounds to be though. It means in some sense a change of one’s lifestyle. A strong mind is a must, and professional help is often needed to provide safety and effectiveness guidelines on a balanced diet.

In some cases, cancer can be cured by modifying one’s diets and lifestyle. Dr. John McDougall is one of the pioneer who strongly believe the effects of daily nutrients on diseases, and practice “diet and lifestyle medicine” on his patients. You can go to his websites to learn more about his way of curing. Ruth Heidrich is one of Dr. McDougall’s patient, and a survivor of stage IV breast cancer cured by proper diet changes and daily nutrient intakes. Consider to explore alternative medicine for your illness, and you may be surprised on the effects.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is another example of alternative treatment for some chronic health problems. Studies have shown that it can sometimes as effective as medication for reversing the deficits associated with chronic ailments. It is also shown that HIIT can be safe and more enjoyable as well as more efficient in preventing and treating the chronic illnesses.

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