Recently I read an article in New York Times: the scientific 7-minute workout. It includes jumping jacks, wall sit, push-up, abdominal crunch, step-up onto chair, squat, triceps dip on chair, plank, high knees running in place, lunge, push-up and rotation, side plank. Do each for 30 seconds with 5 seconds in between. If you are using a smartphone, there is the scientific 7-minute workout app, which shows the exercise in order with time-counting for you. The order of the exercises is important. It seems simple enough but scientifically proved effectiveness. If you think it’s easy to do, try it and you will find out. The most important thing is the persistence to do the exercise every day to have a positive effect in your health.

In TCM practice, I can not emphasize more how important to do some kind of exercise every day. It is one of most important thing to keep your body young and reduce your chances to get sick. Now here it is the 7-minute workout. No more excuse of no time.

Although this 7-minute workout sounds short, its intensity is high, and it might be categorized as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which has been studied as a treatment for preventing or reversing the deficits associated with many chronic illnesses, and sometimes can be as effective as medication for many people with chronic health problems. So go for it!


New York Times article about 7-minute workout

A lunch hour walk


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