My son had a busy Saturday last week. He went to a swimming class for an hour, then headed to a friend’s birthday party. They made their own pizza and played bowling while waiting the pizza to be baked. Then he finished the whole pizza (about 6 small pieces) plus one piece of birthday cake. After the party, he had a basketball game to play.  That was when the problem came after eating too much. He had a stomach ache half an hour before the game. He didn’t feel well not only because of the abdominal pain but also the possibility to miss the game.

Here is what I did to help him feel well again. I massaged his ST36 (Zusanli), LI10 (Shousanli), LI13 (Shouwuli) and the UB18-21 area on his back (Stomach Shu, Spleen Shu). Each for a minute or two. Then the pain and uncomfortableness were gone. He played the game from the beginning to the end because of their shortage of players. Hooray!


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